Alfalfa Net

Alfalfa net is a horse feeding net.
It’s a hanging bag to hang your bale of compact alfalfa hay. This way you can prevent boredom for longer periods by making sure that there are always treats inside this type of feeder.
It also makes things easier when dealing with an endless appetite for horses or other animals who love food as much as we do (or more)!
Keep them happy by preventing boredom or waste with these creative ideas: extends the amount if time that can be spent feedings ; provides cover so weather doesn’t affect hay quality either.
When it is used for chicken, you can hang a bale of compact alfalfa to feed your hens or broilers.
Watching your chickens explore and forage in their natural environment is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have as a chickenkeeper.
This feeding net allows them to do just that while also preventing boredom, wastefulness (and potential bullying), since they’re not confined indoors like other pets can be during cold weather months or when there’s no coop available.

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