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Pnbos offers a wide range of plastic, polyester, polypropylene, cotton netting, and woven, spunbond or nonwoven fabric,  and solutions across multiple industries detailed applications.

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Erosion Control Products Silt Fence

Erosion Control Products

Wide range of erosion control products incloude erosion socks, silt fence, geotextiles, drain pipe sleeve fabric and landscape fabric.

Agriculture Net Sun Shade Net

Agriculture Net

Agri nets is used to produce high quality agriculture produce in hygienic and organic way, in a protective atmosphere or greenhouse structure.

Garden Net

Multily of Garden or farm net are an ideal of physical barrier, it keeps insect, birds, crow and provide shade or fencing poultry.

Industry Net Construction Net

Industry Net

Excellent construction site physical barriers, protection for pedestrians and construction workers are essential.

Architecture Net Decoration

Architecture Net

Quality made for stay safe or as decorate, withstand the rigors of indoor as well as outdoor use.

Vehicle Net Truck Netting

Vehicle Net

To secure your cargo area in your car, truck, or SUV by using cargo net. Or enlarger your storage by using motor vehicle cargo nets.

Sport Net Beach With Volleyball Nets

Sport Net

Quality nets for all sports, sport net is a cheap and traditional choice as an obstacle for most of team sports and some individual sports.

Throwing Fishing Net

Fish Net

Fishing nets are well used in commercial fishing and as a protective tool for artificial aquaculture barriers.

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