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Hail is one of the most destructive weather events that can occur in an orchard. Large hail stones can fall from the sky at high speeds, causing extensive damage to fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Hail can also injure fruit trees, stripping away bark and leaves. In some cases, entire crops can be wiped out by a single hail storm. To protect against hail damage, many gardeners use anti-hail nets.

Anti Hail Nets are typically made from nylon or polyethylene, and they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. When properly installed, hail nets provide an effective barrier against hail damage. They also offer the added benefit of providing shade for the plants, which can help to reduce water loss and prevent sunburn. Hail nets can also be used to protect against wind damage, as well as excessive heat and UV radiation.

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Safer Bird Net for Your Garden


Agris net is the most widely used physical barrier and plays a vital role in agriculture and horticulture

Durable UV stabilizer HDPE Material


UV stabilizer agricultural netting is durable for long-lasting protection for agricultural projects & gardens

cost effective shade net


For most of farming nets, they can be reused for many years when properly stored

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