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The tough, durable slow feed hay nets is perfect for the most aggressive of eaters. This small diamond design limits frustration by allowing your horse to graze freely and consume all that roughage needed improve digestion.

Material: Poly/Nylon
Mesh Size: 2inch, 3inch, 5 inch in diamonds
Net size: Various see details below
Weight: Various see details below
UV Resistant
Guaranteed for at least 2 years

Why use hay nets for horse?

  • Save your cost: At today’s hay price, it’s important to keep all of the hay in your horse and not on the ground
  • Health Benefits: Having hay avaliable all day allows your horse to “graze” slowly which helps improve insulin response and encourage normal interestinal function. Having hay in your horse’s system also helps shield the stomach lining from acids. By hanging our hay bags and feeders, dust, dirt and shavings are no longer ingested. Horse with allergies or copd will breathe much easier and the digestive tract remains free of potential causes of colic.
  • Eliminate Boredom: Horse that are confined to stalls get bored easily. By hanging up our hay bag or feeder, your horse will have the ability to “graze” casually during the day to fight boredom.
  • Convenience: Hay bags and feeders are easy to fill and can be hung easily in your horse’s stall or your horse tralier while traveling. Hay nets featyres d-rings on the back of  the bags so you can tie them in place and keep them from twisting, turning and spinning.
slow feed hay bags
slow feed hay bags


Pnbos stocks a variety of different sized Hay Nets.

Bag LengthMesh SizeMesh QtyRingPackage Size (cm)Weight/g
36 inch5 inch9Yes25x5x5130
40 inch4 inch9Yes27x5x5155
41 inch5 inch9Yes29x5x5152
41 inch5 inch15Yes28x7x7223
40 inch2 inch15Yes30x6x6234
40 inch2 inch15No30x6x6200
40 inch2 inch21Yes35x8x8335
40 inch2 inch21No35x8x8300
50 inch1.6 inch21No36x10x10620
40 inch1.5 inch44No28x9x9400
42 inch1.5 inch36No30x9x9427
44 inch1.5 inch36No33x9x9475
hay bags for horses
hay bags for horses


Hay nets are a great way to keep the hay clean and slow down feeding so that you never run out. It has various appliactions on almost all livestocks like chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, horses and cows.

Hay is an essential part of the diet for any animal. For horses, it’s usually best to feed them grass or other types hay that contain few legumes because these foods contribute more protein than anything else doe-ible in your horse’s feeding regimen – which helps keep him warmer during cold winter nights!

Hay is a basic necessity for horses. Hay prices are on the rise! It’s important to save money now before they go even higher. If you don’t have enough on hand, your horse will be bored and unhappy! But by hanging our innovative design hay nets that your horse can gets enough nutrients while staying happy.

slow feed hay nets
slow feed hay nets


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