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Protect your pipes by using this great fitting mesh wrap. Made of high-quality material, it fits onto corrugated pipe for optimum performance and blocks dirt from getting into the system!

Material filter sock: Polyester, Polypropylene or Cotton
Fits Corrugated Pipe Size: 3 inch, 4 inch, 5inch, 8 inch, 9inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 15inch, 18inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 25 inch, 30 inch, 40 inch, 48 inch, 50 inch
Standard: Meets A.S.T.M – D6707

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Drainage Systems

Drainage systems are an important part of any building, public or private. They ensure that we have health conditions in our homes by collecting and removing waste matter systematically to prevent flooding before there’s potential for water damage from overflowing gutters due to heavy rainfall events.

Circular-knit Geotextiles Sock

For decades, our 100% polyester Geotextile Socks have protected subsurface drainage systems from failure due to sediment buildup. We’ve kept them running by providing a high-quality and durable product that keeps your pipes clear! Our circular-knit socks will keep your pipes running like new!

Drainage Syetem Purpose

The purpose drainage systems serve is two-fold: they collect all liquid wastes including sewage runoff while also preventing excess accumulation on property surfaces which can lead to empowering bacteria growths under ideal circumstances.

Unprotected subsurface drainage systems

Unprotected Subsurface Drainage Systems

If you have an unprotected subsurface drainage system, it may fail when sand and soil particles enter perforated pipes.

Drainage Filter Sock

Drainage Filter Sock

Infiltration of unwanted substances will restrict the flowing water through these fixtures which eventually prevents them from working properly.

Drain Pipe Sleeve

A proper drainage system is necessary for safeguarding the people’s health, and it is necessary for the proper discharge of wastewater, rainwater, and run-offs and efficient flood control. Stagnate water becomes a breeding place for harmful insects, and harms the aesthetic conditions of the environment.

Find out how our French Drain Pipe Sock can help you with your drainage system.

- Keeps out Clog Pipes

You know that clogged-up drainage is no good for your pipes. Our drain tile sock are applied to the outside of perforated drains, so when installed they allow water into them but keep out all those pesky sand, silt and backfill sediments which can lead directly to system failure!

- Keeps Everything Clear

When you install our Drain Pipe Sleeve Filter Sock on the outside of corrugated drainage pipes, they act as a barrier to keep soil from accessing the perforations. This means that water will flow through more freely since there are no particles between these perforations while it’s flowing past at high speed. Our special design keeps everything clear by spanning over all those pesky valleys!

- Keeps Soil Permeability

Our Drain Pipe Sleeve has a specially designed opening to allow very fine soil particles through the filter and into your pipes, where they will be flushed away with water moving through it. This creates void spaces in larger-sized dirt that remains trapped around geotextile fabric which increases the permeability of the earth immediately surrounding the placebo.

Drain Pipe With Sock
Drain Pipe With Sock


- Material

Our corrugated pipe sleeve is made of polyester yarn. Polyester is a durable, lightweight fiber that resists abrasion and tearing making them durable enough for any application. Polyesters also have excellent resistance against most acids found in soil which prolongs the life of your drainage system as well!

- UV Stability

Our Filter Fabric Sock are available in a variety of colors, including white, black, and orange. We support color customization, and you can even print a logo on them. The resistance to UV radiation is increased by adding chemical reagents to the polyester yarn.

- Tubular Seamless Construction

Unlike other products on the market, our geotextile filter sock are made from a seamless construction by a circular knitting machine and don’t require sewing or sonic welding. This reduces the risk of snags during installation for you!

- Diameter Scope

The perfect solution for all your drainage needs, our drain pipe filter sock come in a range of sizes and are suitable to fit any pipe diameter from 50 mm – 1200 millimeters. The current hot selling products is 4 inch drain pipe sleeve.

Circular Knitting Machine- Pnbos
Circular Knitting Machine- Pnbos


Investing in quality drainage filter socks can help you avoid having to deal with pesky negatives. The Drainage Filter Socks have been installed by millions, and the applications below show some examples, but there are many more!


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