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The tree tie is ideal for supporting your new plant trees and shrubs in straight growth. It is friendly for both indoor and outdoor use. And is suitable for vines, tomatoes, vegetables, legumes, shrubs, flowers and trees. When used with a stand is even more effective. Garden ties are easy to use and are perfect for securing and training plants and tie to a tree.

If your new tree is top-heavy or not self-supporting, tilts easily or is weak enough to be blown over by the wind. Then you should give it the right support until it is strong enough to support its own weight. For professional use in garden tidying, use plant ties for fruit trees drop branches and pull branches to keep them horizontally aligned.

Our top range product is poly woven tie, which is made of a UV stabilized plastic that is drawn and woven. Gentle to plants with reinforced edge.

Agriculture & Garden Net Acheive Background Image
Safer Bird Net for Your Garden


Agris net is the most widely used physical barrier and plays a vital role in agriculture and horticulture

Durable UV stabilizer HDPE Material


UV stabilizer agricultural netting is durable for long-lasting protection for agricultural projects & gardens

cost effective shade net


For most of farming nets, they can be reused for many years when properly stored

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