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HDPE biodegradable bale net wrap for agriculture hay baler for sale, Our best and cheap price hay baling net used for alfalfa.

  • Type: Red, White, Blue and Patriotic American flag
  • Size: 48″x9840′, 51″X9840′, 64″X7000′, 67″X7000′
  • Width: 1.23M, 1.3M, 1.63M, 1.7M
  • Length: 3000M, 3000M, 2135M, 2135M
  • Weight for each meter: 12.9g/m, 13.65g/m, 17.1g/m, 17.85g/m
  • Inner Diameter of Tube: 7.6cm, 7.6cm, 7.6cm, 7.6cm
  • Roll Diameter: 28cm, 28cm, 25cm, 25cm
  • The wight of each roll: 41.75kg, 43.95kg, 40.4kg, 42.1kg
  • Loading of 20FT container: 240rolls, 240rolls, 232rolls, 232rolls
  • Loading of 40HQ: 576rolls, 576rolls, 448rolls, 448rolls

About Bale Netwrap

Pnbos bale net wrap reduces product loss and spoilage and helps retain the bale’s nutrients. Utilizing premium raw materials and produced with the most modern machinery.

We use the highest quality materials ensuring superior strength and performance. We commit to bring customers these products with “stable good quality”.

Pnbos offers a leading net wrap product and has been tested and used on all of the most common types of round baling machines throughout the world.

Hay Baling Round Net Wrap

Superior tensile strength throughout the entire net. Our netting wraps around the roughage as it is being packaged, and snaps it, making a solid, tight bale. If this hay is the food for your horse, it will give your horse a wonderful feeding experience with our sturdy slow feeder hay nets.


Non-slip carrying handles for safe handling and easy loading
Extra coverage minimizes the transportation and storage losses.
Customized sizes available.
harvet bale net wrap


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