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Soil erosion is the process by which soil is dispersed, stripped, transported and deposited by the action of water, wind, gravity and human activity.
The silt erosion sock can be of great use in slope interruption, perimeter control, inlet protection and ditch checks. Ideal for areas of high sheet erosion to maintain runoff patterns.

Erosion control provides environmental benefits by installing siltsocks where erosion is likely to occur, reducing runoff rates filtering clean water, controlling sediment and maintaining soil integrity and biodiversity.
Silt socks are used in a wide range of applications in both the agricultural and construction industries.
– In agriculture, fallow land lacks a root system, which increases the chance of soil erosion. Run-off from land rich in fertilisers and nutrients can lead to excessive algal growth in nearby waters and eventually the death of aquatic species.
– In construction, the felling of trees to prepare land for new projects changes the nature of the land as topsoil and vegetation is removed, and these alterations to the natural features of the landscape can induce erosion.

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