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We have an excellent team, they are rich technological power and strong capacity of developing new products. This is the fundamental reason why many clients choose to share their ideas with us and let us put them into practice.

Our Milestone

Our story since 1957. Here, our history inspires your future.

Pnbos History

Pnbos™ began as safety net in the commercial construction industry in 1957 and has expanded to include all types of agricultural nets, industrial nets, sports nets, vehicle nets and fishing nets, as well as custom nets.

Zhaoting Zhen opened a small workshop in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, specializing in designing non-standard machinery and equipment for state-owned enterprises to enhance the production and flow efficiency of client companies.

As the founder reached retirement age, his son, Zaifeng Zhen, took over all the company’s affairs.

Due to the beginning of China’s reform and opening up, the flow of agricultural products brought many opportunities for plastic warp knitting mesh bags. With his extensive experience in machine design and production, the founder started to expand his production capacity and domestic business and hired four employees. As of 2017, Pnbos has 46 employees.

With the arrival of the economic global word, Pnbos supplied over 90 tons of products per month to trading companies every year. In the same year, Raymond Zhen graduated from Jiangsu University with a university degree in international trade and founded Pnbos International Trade Department as a sales manager.

Pnbos made breakthroughs in several business directions. Pnbos gradually established its own quality and supply chain management system, strong R&D capability and market insight, and enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

We Are Your Trusted Strategic Partner

Pnbos is a netting products solutions provider engaged in the business of designing and developing of High-Tech Nurseries, Green Houses, Agricultural Net, Construction Net, Sport Net, Fish NetAutomobile NetIndustrial Net and Erosion Control Products in China on a substantial scale. We are dedicated to innovate, develop and implement best practices in technology to enhance output, improve social conditions, and reduce the burden on our strained ecosystem!

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Share your ideas with us and let us put them into practice.


For a personalised touch and boosted sales, we also provide a custom design OEM/ODM service.

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Meet Our Creative Team

zhaoting zhen - Founder- Pnbos

Zhaoting Zhen

The Founder

Zaifeng zhen - CEO- Pnbos

Zaifeng Zhen


Haiwei Yu

Yu Haiwei


Raymond Zhen

Raymond Zhen

Manager Director

ashley marketing director- Pnbos

Ashley Zhang

Sales Director

Monica Si

Finance Director

Louise Si- Pnbos

Louise Si

HR Manager

Ella Chou- Pnbos

Ella Chou

Sales Manager

William Wills- Pnbos

William Wills

IT Support

Design the quality custom solution netting or barrier!

We can custom cut to order nets base on various types of mesh netting, each with their own cord diameters, mesh sizes, and strengths. There are just three easy steps:
Step 1: Tell us your material and color
Step 2: Tell us your border style
Step 3: Tell us your length & width

We made custom size, cord, material, color netting with affordable prcie.

We have bulk buying discounts. Get contact with our Marketing Director Raymond Zhen

worldwide shipping

World Shipping

Ship all over the world - North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and 200 other countries.

Best Quality

Best Quality

Quality is our priority. Free charge to return/exchange the goods within 30 days due to quality problems

Best Offers

Best Offers

Pnbos provided Cost-Effective offers, thus gets a 5-star review on pickleball set.

Secure Payments

Secure Payments

We use SSL(Secure Socket Layer). The payment methods contains credit or debit card, PayPal and bank transfer.

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