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HDPE UV Stability Vineyard Bird Trapping Net

  • GSM: Normally 7g/m2, 15g/m2, 20g/m2, 30g/m2 etc
  • Size: 1x5m, 2x5m, 4x5m or as client’s request
  • Packway: small size is folded into a handle bag, then several into a carton
  • Load quantity of 20 GP: 3500~4000kg
  • Load quantity of 40 HQ: 7500~8500kg
  • Color: Normalls black, white or as client’s request
  • Material: HDPE+UV
  • UV warranty: 3% or 3 years at least
  • Denier of yarn: 300D~500D
  • Usage: Protect fruit from bird
  • Delivery time of 20 GP: 25 days after order confirm
  • Delivery time of 40 HQ: 35 days after order confirm

Bird Netting Specification

Bird Trapping Net is a kind of net which prevents birds reaching certain areas, It’s made of nylon and polyethylene yarn. It is new net used widely in agriculture. This net has different net opening to control all kinds of birds.

Besides, it cuts off the bird reproduction and spread pathway. So it reduces the usage of chemical pesticides and ensure the high quality, health, green product.

Bird Trapping Netting-2
Specification Table

Bird Trapping Net Application

Normally, the possibility of a bird strike is greatest when a flight has just taken off or is about to land. This is because most common birds such as sparrows and pigeons fly below 100 meters in height.

Farm Land bird trap
Farm Land

Prevents crop encroachment by birds and increases yields

Orchard Protective bird trap
The Orchard

Anti-bird nets can effectively prevent birds from pecking at ripe fruits

Fish Ponds bird trap
Fish Ponds

Bird nets are a good choice for fish ponds where bird predation can cause a reduction in production

Airport Surroundding bird trap
Airport Surroundding

High-speed aircraft and bird collision, the impact force is very large, if into the engine, will damage the blade, causing engine shutdown

Bird trapping nets are mainly used to prevent birds from pecking at food and can be used on farms, fish ponds, and orchards, as well as in areas where birds are prohibited from flying such as airports. For areas with a high bird population and serious fruit pecking, it is a good choice to use bird protection nets to avoid bird damage by installing bird protection nets around and over the area so that birds cannot fly in.


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