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Silt fence, a temporary linear filter structure for efficient erosion control, is composed of premium geotextile fabric supported by wire mesh fence and metal posts, and sorts of accessories. Used as a vertical permeable interceptor, it is designed to greatly trap and allow settlement of soil particles from sediment-laden water or limit the transport of eroded soil from the construction site by water runoff which will cause serious damage to water and soil.

Being lightweight, durable erosion, easy to install and remove, silt fence has a wide application in various areas. It is typically used along streams and channels, around environmentally sensitive areas, at the bottom of highly erodible slopes, on the construction sites, etc. to control the sediment and protect the environment.

We can mainly offer fabric, wire mesh, steel stakes and prefabricated wire backed fabric which is a kit form for your convenience. You can choose silt fences according to your own requirements and applications.

soild erosion control


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