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Landscape fabric is an ideal for weed control. PP woven landscaping fabric is used as a weed barrier and for erosion control. Instead of using chemical weed killers, it’s a physical barrier to eliminate weed. Our range of landscape fabric for a variety of applications, it includes circular woven ground cover, needle punch landscape fabric, sulzer fabric, nonwoven landscape fabric and spun bonded polypropylene fabric. Our woven ground cover have full ranging of color like black, white, dark green and orange.

It can also use landscaping fabric to help control erosion and manage large water flows. Placing landscaping fabric under river rocks creates attractive little streams that control the flow of water in hilly and mountainous areas that tend to flood in seasonal rains.

Pnbos is a woven ground cover fabric suppliers. The best fabrics for your next project are right here. If you’re looking for the perfect fabric to create your own unique design, here you’ll be able find something that suits all needs.

PP Ground Cover
Durability Landscape Fabric UV Resistance


UV stabilized to ensure long-lasting durability

Multiple Choices Landscape Fabric

Multiple Choices

Pnbos supplier different standard fabric weights

Commercial Weed Control Fabric Through Water


Resistant to mold & bacterial attack, allows air & moisture to pass through

Installation Landscape Fabric


PP ground cover is very easy to install, clean, and reusable

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