Silt Sock Fabric | Pnbos Erosion Control Compost Filter Sock Cloth

Material: High Density Polypropylene
UV Protection: UV Resistant
Logo: Can be Customized
Origins: Made in China
Size: 5 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch and 24 inch
Weight: 10kg, 15.5kg, 20.7kg, 21.5kg
Logo Print: Strongly Recommended
Color: Balck

Protect Environment

We know that soil erosion is not only a problem for the environment, but also an issue involving major economic consequences. The best way to protect ecosystems from soil erosion is by using our Erosion and Sediment Control fabrics.

We use our circular-knitting technology to manufacture Erosion & Sediment Control socks, which are designed to be filled with mulch or wood chips. This innovative technology ensures that the contaminants are confined within site boundaries, reducing damage on nearby bodies of water or environmentally sensitive areas while still allowing for natural scenery around them! Efforts like these are what make our company so committed to providing solutions through innovation at every step in production process – from spinning raw material into finished product as well printing logo, rewinding and packaging.

Silt sock application

The Erosion and Sediment Control socks from our company are a popular choice on construction sites because they provide superior water flow rates to traditional silt fencing, which helps prevent pooling.

From socks that are 5″ around, to ones as large 24” in diameter – we have the fabric weights, colors and stitch densities you need. Our Erosion Control Fabrics will help protect against soil erosion while being photodegradable so they don’t linger on your site once completed! In many cases used socks can be moved for reuse on another project location as well. For an affordable solution with no clean up fees at all? Choose one from our selection today!

Pnbos Erosion Sock Fabric

Various sizes of filter socks fit most of your needs. Fabric diameters range from 5″ to 24″. With several types of tubular netting available, you’re sure to find something that works great for you. We are your compost filter sock fabric supply specialists!。

compost filter sock fabric manufacturer
custom printed silt sock

Pnbos offer three types of silt sock fabrics: Standard regular, Heavy Duty, and Light Duty, and 2 different material: Polyester and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). They are both on same knit construction, but the Heavy Duty fabric is more resistant to damage during use. The light duty fabric features an open-weave construction and larger opening size for increased water flow rates. All of our fabric can be made in a number of sizes and colors. Please contact us to learn more.

Logoed Silt Socks Erosion Control

Printed silt sock has become more and more popular due to the many benefits it offers for companies. The inexpensive way of advertising to your target audience has made this product more popular than ever before!

It’s time you started thinking about how we can make things happen!

Print Logo On silt sock


We take pride in our ability to provide customers with a wide range of products that can be used for erosion and sediment control. These including:

  • Perimeter Control
  • Hard Surface
  • Protection: including frozen ground and concrete
  • Ditch Check Application
  • Stockpile Application
  • Protection of Tree Roots and Contain Mulch Beds
  • Inlet Protection
  • Used by Fire and Police Departments to Filter Oil, Gas and Other
  • Contaminants at Accident Sites
Silt Socks Erosion Control Suppliers
Silt Socks Erosion Control Suppliers

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