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Contractor Grade Silt Fence is a cost effective geotextile fence for any not specify type of construction jobs. Ideal of temporary silt fence made by Pnbos fits more than 70% of your construction site.

Material: Woven Polyethylene
Color: Black, Green, Orange or customized
Size: 3′  x 100′, 4′ x 100′,
Garm Weight: 55gsm/sqm, 75gsm/sqm, 100gsm/sqm

What's Silt Fence?

Silt fence is a kind of porous fabric (known in the industry as a geotextile) held in place with wooden or metal silt fence stakes. The silt cloth consists of either woven or non-woven polyester, polypropylene, stabilized nylon, polyethylene, or polyvinylidene chloride. Non-woven fabric may be needle punched, heat bonded, resin bonded, or combinations thereof. Woven fabric is woven by circle machine, Before weaving, the raw material virgin polyethylene is usually stretched into a flat wire, warped and woven after a hot melt.

Silt Fence Purpose

Silt fence is a temporary barrier used to intercept runoff, reduce its velocity and impound sediment laden run off from small areas of disturbed soil. To detain flows from run off so that deposition of transported sediment can occur through settlement. Silt fences can only be used to intercept sheet flow. Do not use silt fences as velocity checks in channels or place them where they will intercept concentrated flow.
Silt Fence Roll Loading Containers
Silt Fence Roll Loading Containers
Silt Fence Manufacturer
Silt Fence Manufacturer

Silt Fence Specification

Pnbos offer silt fence to meet any commercial, residential or site specific specification. We offer wire backed silt fence or you can purchase silt fence fabric rolls only. This engineered geotextile is stabilized to resist degradation due to ultraviolet exposure. It is resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew and insects, and is non-biodegradable.

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Stock No. Size (ft) Weight (g/sqm) Weight (Oz) Color Printing Support
PN-SF2100 2′ x 100′ 55g, 70g, 90g, 110g, 125g, 150g 2 Oz, 2.5 Oz, 3.2 Oz, 3.8 Oz, 4.4 Oz, 5.3 Oz Black, Green or Orange Yes
PN-SF3050 3’ x 50′ 55g, 80g, 90g, 110g 2 Oz, 2.8 Oz, 3.2 Oz, 3.8 Oz Black, Green or Orange Yes
PN-SF3100 3′ x 100′ 70g, 110g, 135g, 150g 2.5 Oz, 3.8 Oz, 4.8 Oz, 5.3 Oz Black, Green or Orange Yes
PN-SF3300 3′ x 300′ 55g, 60g, 110g, 125g, 150g 2 Oz, 3.8 Oz, 4.4 Oz, 5.3 Oz Black, Green or Orange Yes
PN-SF4100 4′ x 100′ 55g, 60g, 125g, 135g 2 Oz, 4.4 Oz, 4.8 Oz Black, Green or Orange Yes
PN-SF4300 4′ x 300′ 60g, 70g, 90g, 110g, 135g, 150g 2 Oz, 3.2 Oz, 3.8 Oz, 4.8 Oz, 5.3 Oz Black, Green or Orange Yes
PN-SF6050 6′ x 50′ 55g, 60g, 70g, 80g, 90g, 110g, 125g, 135g, 150g 2 Oz, 2.5 Oz, 3.2 Oz, 3.8 Oz, 4.4 Oz, 4.8 Oz, 5.3 Oz Black, Green or Orange Yes
PN-SF6300 6′ x 300′ 80g, 90g, 135g, 150g 2.8 Oz, 3.2 Oz, 4.8 Oz, 5.3 Oz Black, Green or Orange Yes
PN-SF65328 6.5′ x 328′ 90g, 110g, 125g, 150g 3.2 Oz, 3.8 Oz, 4.4 Oz, 4.8 Oz, 5.3 Oz Black, Green or Orange Yes

Buying affordable and quality silt fence master rolls will save time and money for large installation projects, whether utilizing a silt fence machine or assembling silt fence in the field. 

Available in a variety of styles and gram weights, you are sure to find the type of silt fence that is best suited for your individual project requirements.

Silt Fencing
Silt Fencing
Silt Fence Suppliers
Silt Fence Suppliers

Tensile Strength (Wrap*Weft)ASTM D4632lbs (/5cm)N (/5cm)171*151760*670
Elongation at Break (wrap*weft)ASTM D4632%15.8*18.3
Tear StrengthASTM D4533lbsN83369.2
PunctureASTM D4533lbsN83369.2
Ultraviolet StabilityASTM D4355%80% 500hrs
AOS (Apparent Opening Size)ASTM D4751mm20 – 50
PermittivityASTM D4491Sec-10.1
Water Flow RateASTM D4491gpm/ft²lpm/m²10405

Silt Fence Application

Per federal and state laws, all construction projects require the contractor or owner to have a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). This plan must be submitted to the state Department of Environmental Quality or Federal EPA depending on the project for approval prior to starting the project. When the SWPPP is approved, the governing agency will issue the Construction Storm Water Discharge Permit.

You’ve probably seen silt fences when driving by residential and commercial construction sites. Silt fences are widely used on construction sites in North America, Oceania and Europen, due to it‘s low cost and simple design. And it can be easily removed upon job completion, once the site has been stabilized.

Silt fence is a sediment-trapping practice utilizing a erosion fences, topography and sometimes vegetation to cause sediment deposition, that is trenched or sliced into the ground and supported by silt fence post on the downstream side of the fabric. It can be quickly installed on almost any terrain.

Silt fence works by intercepting sheet flow from slopes, causing the runoff to pond behind the fence, thereby promoting deposition of sediment on the uphill side of the fence. Silt fencing may also be used to create a temporary sediment control device used on construction sites, commercial or residential to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from the degradation of aquatic habitats and siltation of harbor channels.

The effectiveness of construction silt fence is primarily derived from its ability to pond water behind the fence. This ponding action allows suspended particles to settle out on the uphill side of the sediment control fence. Particles are not removed by filtering the runoff through the fabric. Erosion control fences cannot effectively treat flows in gullies, ditches or channels.

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