Heavy Duty Landscape Fabric | Needle Punched PP Ground Cover

One side is PP woven landscape fabric for strength and the other side is needle punched for to help filter a retain water.

Material: Two layers ground cover, one side is PP woven landscape fabric and another side is needle punched compound
Width: 0.4m-6m
Labels available: full color Printed labels
Thickness: 3.2 oz, 3.7 oz, 5 oz,  6.5 oz, 8 oz
Surface: Allows flow of nutrient / water / herbicides / insecticides through the plants
Type: Weed Mat
UV Resistance: Yes

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Weeding is the favorite part of gardening, said no gardener ever.
Our heavy-duty needle punched landscape fabric is two layers ground cover. One side is PP woven landscape fabric for strength and the other side is needle punched for to help filter a retain water. Besides, the needle punched dual layer that would help keep your top cover from slipping down an incline.
Laying down a layer or even two of this fabric will allow your plants to breath and will allow water to pass through, but it knocks the weed seedlings before they get a chance to come up and ruin your beautiful flower garden, or rob nutrients from your food garden.
Our woven needle punched polypropylene fabric was no smell to the product and it lays very nicely. It’s comes in roll and made it easier to lay down. It’s easy to cut it to the sizes you need, and it’s cuts pretty well with a set of coarse shears.

We are Needle Punch Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturer

Needle punched polypropylene has a better quality than the typical stuff on your home supply store. And it was so tough that it didn’t tear easily, the usual response we get is that the fabric is really nice sturdy material, pretty thick and durable

Special Features

  • Two Layer Ground Cover. Compared with ordinary landscape fabric, it has an extra layer of needle felting layer. To ensure that it goes down without slipping.
  • The specially designed needlepoint layer works in retaining moisture.
  • Sturdy Material. It’s pretty thick and durable, tear-resistant and UV stabilized.

Install Guides

1. To prepare the ground for planting, remove any vegetation;
Clear dirt and level soil by making sure there are no large sticks or stones;

2. Place weed barrier mat cover on top of soil;
It was easy to drive standard landscape staples through it and into the ground to keep it in place.

3. Make an “X” cut or burn holes into your desired area with a sharp blade or spade;
There are guide marks spaced at 1 foot intervals along the length of the fabric which is helpful when trying to plant straight rows.

4. Plant accordingly.


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