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Erosion filter socks are a synthetic, water permeable fabric that is placed over soils to control erosion and protect underlying surfaces from being washed away. Erosion socks are a great alternative to silt fences which require more time and installation labor. When used in combination with silt fences, socks can offer an increased level of erosion protection.

Erosion filter socks are constructed of an outer sock like material that allows water to pass through it, but holds solids like dirt and rocks back. The interior of the erosion sock is filled with mulch to help filter the water through the product. This way you are not creating a dam with erosion sock, but blocking solids from running all over the place. Mulch is a great filler because it is low-cost and light weight. Since the mulch does not hold water, but lets it pass through, it dries out relatively fast. Using erosion socks is also good for the environment because the products are biodegradable.

Erosion filter socks can be shortened simply by cutting off a section of the sock, removing a few handfuls of mulch and tying the end shut.

soild erosion control


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