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The Pnbos blog features industry news, opinions, personal stories, ideas and tips on using all of our netting for agriculture, home gardening, construction and environmental protection, as well as for the national cycle.

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Debris Netting

This PVC coated safety and debris net is perfect for preventing dust, debris and tools from falling. It can also be used to protect pedestrians and adjacent properties. In addition, it forms a temporary railing and provides a visual safety barrier. Finally, it helps retain small tools, fasteners and debris. This mesh is tear resistant and can be rolled up when cut.

Garden Trellis Netting

Would you like to increase your crop yields? Then our nylon trellis net is just what you need! This flexible but strong net is perfect for holding heavy vegetables, fruits and branches. It also allows air and light to circulate well for optimal growth. Maximize your growing space with our trellis nets!

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