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aluminet vs shade cloth
When you are considering shade netting, it's important to understand the differences between aluminet and black/white shade cloth. This article explores those differences, helping you make an informed decision that'll save you time and money in your next project!

What is aluminet shade cloth?

aluminet shade cloth

Aluminet shade cloth is a shade cloth well known as Silvi Shade or Aluminet trap, and it’s made of pure aluminum foil strips and transparent polyester film strips, which can reflect sunlight radiation compared with shade netting of the same shade rate. It has a good cooling effect in summer and heat preservation and moisturizing effects in winter.

The role of aluminet shade netting

Aluminet shade netting is effective in reducing the high temperature caused by light, after all, it isolates the light. But it can only reduce the temperature caused by light. The minimum value of the temperature is close to the temperature of the day.

Compared to other shade nets and shade products, aluminum foil shade netting has good reflective properties. It can effectively reflect excess light and heat. The cooling effect in summer can reach about 4-5 degrees Celsius, while winter can have a good insulation effect. And the material used in aluminum foil sunshade net is antistatic material, not easy to adsorb dust and other dirty items, long time to keep clean and is widely used in agricultural greenhouses. According to statistics, the crop yield of vegetable greenhouses covered with aluminum foil shade netting can increase by 12%. It has an important and positive effect on the development of agriculture.


Aluminet shade cloth for dogs and cars
Aluminet shade cloth for dogs and cars

The recyclability and UV resistance of aluminet make it effective in nurseries, swimming pools, balconies and mobile thermal solutions.

What's the best aluminet shade cloth?


In addition to reflecting light better than general shade netting, aluminet shade netting is also stronger than general shade netting in terms of beauty and sturdiness. A good aluminet shade cloth has a thick texture, is firm and not easily cracked, and has no odor and has a certain stretching capacity.


Aluminet is a fantastic material for shades due to its high reflective properties that bounce heat away and keep the area cool. When sunlight strikes Aluminet’s fabric, it reflects sharply at an angle unlike black cloth which absorbs heat and passes into below space.

Aluminet shading is a smart choice for those who want to create the perfect microclimate in their garden. It helps maintain moderate temperatures during both day and night, which can’t be achieved with just black/white shade cloth alone unless increase the cost of ventilation process.



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