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Polyester nets is the choice of most basketball leagues. It's a much longer lifespan than nylon. Ideal for outdoor and fits all bad weather.

To enhance to the spectacle of the game, basketball nets have always been available on the basketball rims. This has become a habit.

But, why do basketball hoops have nets?

The net makes it easier to determine whether basketball is in the frame or not. Without a net, a perfectly shot hollow ball, which has no contact with the basketball hoop and is falling very fast, can easily cause a miscue. A basketball net is a great solution to this problem.

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The net delays the basketball from hitting the ground. When the basketball enters the rim and falls, it is likely to touch the net, which gives the basketball a good cushion, thus greatly reducing the speed of the basketball’s falling.

Most importantly, the swish of a blue ball through the net and the cheers that follow are the most exciting sounds in sport.

How many loops are on the standard basketball rim?

There are 12 hooks on a standard rim, you should install them one by one when doing replacements to ensure that no hooks are skipped.

What are basketball nets made of?

Basketball netting is common made of nylon, polyster or steel. They have some differences in durability, the sound when shooting.

- Nylon

Nylon is the cheapest material that nets are made from. They look and sound similar to polyester, as their lifespan is much less durable and can be greatly impacted by bad weather conditions.

- Polyester

Polyster basketball netting

Polyester nets is the choice of most basketball leagues. It’s a much longer lifespan than a nylon. Ideal for outdoor sport and withstand any type of weather conditions and dunking, shooting, waving, pulling and layuping. Enjoy your games with a polyster basketball net and hear the sweet swish sound when shooting.

- Steel

Steel nets are commonly used for outdoor basketball as in arcades or street basketball. With proper zinc coating or entirely made of stainless steel, steel nets can last a very long time outdoors, but it easily gets tangled. The tough metal may cause damage to the basketball over time and injure your fingers or arms.



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