Sulzer Landscape Fabric | High Density Sulzer Weed Barrier Fabric

Landscape fabrics are a great option for homeowners looking to protect their property from weeds while also ensuring good plant growth. These durable, weed-control resistant materials can be made with the best grade fabric processing by Sulzer weaving technology and treated with UV resistance so they last longer than traditional ones! Pnbos is a manufacturer who offers these in all possible colors as well as retail packaging printed on full color labels.

Material: 100% Polypropylene
Width: 0.4m-6m
Labels available: full color Printed labels
Processed by: Advanced sulzer loom
Surface: Allows flow of nutrient / water / herbicides / insecticides through the plants
Type: Weed Mat
UV Resistance: Yes

Sulzer Landscape Fabric

Weed control is essential for a healthy and thriving garden. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer, a heavy-duty type gardener or a Pro. You has a ton of landscape fabric options under the big brand, but what we’re going to talk about today is how do you choose the right landscape fabric and how sulzer weaving technology has a great advantage with our weed barrier product.
What’s important when we’re choosing a landscape fabric? A couple things need to know.
We want a fabric that’s kind of durable, there’s some products out there is circular knitting technology, spunbonded or non-woven, but it’s not very durable. But at Pnbos where you can see this is a very durable type of fabric. In a matter of fact it’s woven fabric by using sulzer technology, that delivers a great experience for landscaping projects.
This weed barrier fabric is made of 100% new virgin polypropylene, it has been UV treated to ensure that it lasts for 5-7 years without needing a mulch. When used with a mulch, it will last longer.
Advanced Landscape Fabric
Advanced Landscape Fabric
Weed Control

A big thing with landscape fabric is we want to have a fabric that’s going to prevent the weeds from coming up. So the bottom line is that we need to have a fabric that’s going to prevent the weeds from coming through the fabric up into the ground, different types of flowerbeds, gardens or any lardscape project. The fabric we use is crafted with a Sulzer loom machine, which produces solid threads that will not easily unravel and leave holes for weeds. By using this kind of flat woven polypropylene geotextile fabric, we’re probably not going to have the weed control problem.

High Density Sulzer Weed Barrier
High Density Sulzer Weed Barrier

The other important thing is that it needs to be easy to install. Our Sulzer weave technical fabric, which is woven through solid threads so it will not unravel easily at the edges of any fabric. This fabric is easier to lay flat, thanks to its pretty thick, durable and tear-resistant. We support color and pattern customization, choose the color and spacing of the guide marks you want, and even the shape of the rectangle. Align your crops for planting and keep your mood happy with every glance!Read our installation guide to help you get started faster –  Installation Guides for Landscape Fabric Step By Step.

Sulzer Landscape Fabric
Sulzer Landscape Fabric

The last important thing that we’d like to care is the fact that we want the air and water that comes through the fabric and into the ground. So our flowers plants and shrubs have the proper nutrients to grow properly. If we don’t have that ability then our live bids are going to die. And the water doesn’t pond, it will going through the fabric into the soil. The innovative ripple weave technology of this product prevents puddling and thus provides good water dispersion.

The durable landscape fabric prevents weeds but more importantly watered air flow to roots of your plants.

Weed Control Fabric
Weed Control Fabric

Landscape Fabric Size

Item No. Size (m) Weight (oz) Weight (g) Color Package
PN-LFS01050 1 x 50 3.2oz,   5oz 90g,   140g Black,   Green, Orange Rolls
PN-LFS01100 1 x 100 3.2oz,   5oz 90g,   140g Black,   Green, Orange Rolls
PN-LFS15100 1.5 x 100 3.2oz,   5oz 90g,   140g Black,   Green, Orange Rolls
PN-LFS02050 2 x 50 3.2oz,   5oz, 5.8oz, 6.5oz 90g,   140g, 165g, 180g Black,   Green, Orange Rolls
PN-LFS02100 2 x 100 3.2oz,   5oz, 5.8oz, 6.5oz 90g,   140g, 165g, 180g Black,   Green, Orange Rolls

High density sulzer weed barrier fabric can be used as both a weed control and a stabilising membrane.


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