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What’s bird netting?

Bird net is a plastic netting that is made of polyethylene (HDPE) which is most used in agricultural, such as gardens, greenhouses and nurseries. Chemical additives such as anti-aging agent and UV stabilizer are added to the polyethylene, and then drawn and woven into a mesh fabric. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, heat resistance, insoluble in water, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and convenient for waste disposal. It is light to use and has a regular lifespan of 3 to 5 years.
Covering the anti-bird net is to build an artificial isolation barrier on the trellis to keep the birds out and shield the fruit from being pecked and damaged by the birds. At the same time, it can effectively prevent the spread of bird viruses and harm crops. Special specifications can be customized.

We supply no matter knotted or knotless new HDPE bird netting , heavy duty bird netting and bird trapping netting. Besides, our Mehrjahres-Vogelschutznetz Kirschbaum for the German market and Tuinnet Filet Binding Fix Zwart for the Romanian market are popular in sales.

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Safer Bird Net for Your Garden


Agris net is the most widely used physical barrier and plays a vital role in agriculture and horticulture

Durable UV stabilizer HDPE Material


UV stabilizer agricultural netting is durable for long-lasting protection for agricultural projects & gardens

cost effective shade net


For most of farming nets, they can be reused for many years when properly stored

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