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Top 6 ways to help farmers get rid of birds. When the fruit is about to mature, it should be a time of joy for orchards. But birds coming...

As of late, the quantity of bird species and populaces has expanded forcefully. At the same time, with the strengthening of orchard management, fruit quality, colorful, sweet, early, and late-maturing new assortments keep on arising. Yet additionally to improve the bait of birds, especially the exposed fruit, more vulnerable to bird attacks. Fruits are bird pecking victims, scarred, the remnants of fruit everywhere, completely lose their commercial value, and cause further damage to pests and diseases. Bird invasion has arrived where it should be made due.

1. Fruit bag

Fruit bag is a very simple way to prevent birds from pecking at them. Fruit bags usually come in two materials, the first one is paper. In summer, fruit sacking is the role of sun screen, some fruits in the expansion period such as kiwi, apples, pears, etc.. And in winter, fruit bag is the role of cold-proof, some fruits that need to spend the cold weather, such as citrus. Paper fruit bags can stop pests and diseases, or effectively block pesticides and dust in the air. However, there is no role for large birds. The second is the plastic fruit bag, the nylon material bag on the fruit. It is useful to prevent birds from pecking, but also can make the fruit keep their color, but the cost is higher than the paper fruit bag.

furit paper bags
Furit Paper Bag
furit nylon mesh bags
Nylon Mesh Furit Bag

2. Bird Repellent

Bird repellents are also partially used to prevent birds. There are a wide variety of bird repellents on sale, mainly by releasing a gas through chemicals, which affects the central nervous system of birds, so as to achieve the effect of bird repelling. However, the duration of this bird repellent is relatively short, in addition to spraying, if a short period of rainfall, the effect will also be greatly reduced.

3. Isolation Fence

Grapes in the process of making raisins need to be placed beforehand to dry in a house with ventilation all around, which will attract the attention of birds. Appropriate size wire mesh and nylon netting on the entrance and exit of the house and on the ventilation openings and air exchange holes can prevent the birds.

4. Cultivation Methods Improve

In regions where bird damage is normal, keeping more leaves properly, covering the fruit, and focusing on the sterile circumstances around the orchard can likewise essentially decrease the event of bird damage.

5. Waste Utilization

In areas where bird damage is common, keeping more leaves appropriately, covering the fruit, and paying attention to the sanitary conditions around the orchard can also significantly reduce the occurrence of bird damage.

Bird prevention of waste CD
Bird prevention of waste CD
Aniti bird nets are suitable for both large and small orchards. Bird trapping nets are one of the most used bird-proof facilities in agriculture. In a certain season, there are a lot of birds flying around on the crops, which will lead to the reduction of crop yield for a long time.
bird prevent netting

But, Do you know how to put up bird netting on orchard?



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