How to install sun shade net for a Patio?

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How to install sun shade net for a Patio
Learn the way of sun shade net installing! To add shade of your pool or backyard patio space, sun shade net is a better choice.
As summer approaches, the daylight hours become longer and the ultraviolet rays become more intense. Now that it’s already hot before 12 am, I thought it was time to install a sun shade net for my patio in preparation for the coming summer. The sun beats down on this and it’s just miserable having any kind of meal out here or get together. So we are going to provide some shade.

The sun shade net what I used is a warp-knitted encrypted net made by Pnbos from china, which has a wide hem and 5 reinforcement lines that are very strong. This wrap has 3 more reinforcement lines than regular shade netting (regular ones usually have only 2 reinforcement lines). Nickel plated copper buckle are punched for easy installation, and 4 corner guards are made around the perimeter, which is very strong and durable. When all the shade netting and hardware was ready, I could go install the shade netting quickly and easily. after mounting all the hardware and sewing up my sun shade net. Made everything look good for my patio. After installation, my patio became very cool.

It’s dead easy, and it doesn’t cost too much can get a cool patio!



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