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Hey, I’m William, the IT support of Pnbos. I provide on-site or remote IT support on business application, office automations and corporate network to end users across worldwide Pnbos locations.

Pnbos' Cotton Netting 1

Pnbos’ Cotton Netting

Erosion control is a crucial aspect of any construction or landscaping project. Without proper measures, soil erosion can lead to a host of problems, including environmental degradation, property damage, and even safety hazards. Fortunately, there are many solutions available for controlling erosion, including the use of non-biodegradable geotextiles and natural biodegradable materials like cotton netting […]

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Top 5 important use of insect netting for garden

Top 5 important use of insect netting for garden and trees

Insect netting has a lot of important uses in the garden. Perhaps the most well-known use is to protect plants from being eaten by insects. Insect netting can also help to prevent frost damage, control diseases and pests, keep fruit from dropping off trees, and improve the temperature and light levels of crops. In addition, insect netting can be used to protect trees from cicadas. Netting is an extremely effective way to keep these pests away from your trees without using any harmful chemicals.

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