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Electric netting is the solution to all of your fencing needs. Protect your poultry, sheep and goats from deer , bear raccoons, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, stray dogs and skunks.

Height: 90cm/ 120cm/150cm
Length: 25m/50m
Spacing of vertical wire: 15cm/30cm
Double spiked posts: 14

Time to Save Your Chicken

Electric Chicken Fence can help to saved yourr chickens! Electric Chicken Fence is a great investment for any farm! Keeps in poultry, sheep and goats. It’s a electrifiable prefabricated fence that keeps out deer , bear raccoons rabbits foxes coyotes stray dogs skunks. 

poultry net
poultry net

The highly conductive material only has 35 ohms per 1k ft when it comes to resistance which makes this product Highly effective at protecting your animals from predators.

Electric Netting

Electric netting is the solution to all of your fencing needs.

Electric Netting is here to help you keep your property safe and sound! Electric fences can be paired with energizers for an even more effective security measure. These nets provide sturdy protection against intruders, so it’s important that they’re installed correctly the first time around – but don’t worry because everything arrives 100% assembled: just open up one package at a time (or multiple) then stand each panel upright on its own spike posts before connecting end-to overcome any distance between panels without sacrificing tensioning power. Double spiked posts provide extra support.

- Tips for installation

The current from these fences can be lowered by vegetation touching them, so you’ll need to trimming grass and vegetation along the fence’s line. You should purchase one testers wand keep above 3000 volts in order to protect your poultry safe and enclosed! This is useful for deterring predators who want nothing more than an easy meal!

electric chicken netting
electric chicken netting


With our easy to use, 100% portable electric fence system you can put up your own fences quickly and easily. No more dealing with cords or complicated installations – just unroll the tapered rods from their packaging then step into ground where they’ll stay upright by themselves! You’ll also be able protect both livestock + pets using this safe yet powerful tool that’s lightweight enough for everyday use on any farm.

You’ll always know peace of mind knowing there are sheep safe behind bars waiting for someone who really needs them.

netting for chicken coop
netting for chicken coop
It's time get protected today with this innovative product from us!


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