Crop Net

Crop netting is a type of plastic netting that is used to protect crops, fruits and vegetables from hail, insect and bird damages.

Hail netting is placed over crops to protect them from hail damage. hail stones can cause serious damage to crops, including shattering leaves, breaking stems and bruising fruits.

Bird netting helps to prevent bird damage by deterring birds from landing on or near the crop.

Insect netting is placed over crops to protect them against insect pests. common insect pests include caterpillars, aphids and moths. insect netting can also help to keep birds away from crops by preventing them from landing on the crop. crop netting is also used to provide shade for crops.

Shade netting is placed over crops to provide shade and cool the crop during hot weather conditions.

Trellis netting is used to support climbing plants such as vines. trellis nets are placed over the top of the crop and the plants are trained to grow up the nets.

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