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Pnbos UV-resistant anti insect net with reinforced edge have various of use in garden, shadehouse and nurseries to protect plants and fruits.

Weight: 30-200g/m2
Mesh size: 20-100 mesh
Width: 1m, 2m, 3m or customize
Length: 10m, 56m, 100m or customize
Color: semi-transparent, white, black, green or customize
Types: Mesh 17, Mesh 25, Mesh 40, Mesh 50

Insect Barrier Introduction

Insect barrier is a woven fabric with a regular and stable textile structure, and is made of UV-treated HDPE (high-density polyethylene) monofilament. This accurate weaving structure keeps its 100% accurate mesh density and shade percentage. It’s known as the most durable and effective physical insect barrier due to strong tucked selvages (reinforced edge) and high tensile strength even if punctured mechanically.

anti insect net used in greenhouse

Pnbos provides various preventing insect penetration solutions. Our flexible netting is light, recyclable, and environmentally friendly, which will bring comfortable installing and using experience, they are just simple to spread over the desired harvest area to be protected. Contact us if you need more install tips.

Why Use Insect Nets?

Farm work is hard work. Farmers are hoping their crops will be healthy and free from insects, weeds, bacteria, and other animals. But instead, their crops are eaten by many insects, which lay eggs and spread diseases until the invention of pesticides.

agriculture harmful insects

Farmers rely heavily on pesticides to kill or drive insects and then increase their crop yields. But exposure to pesticides can cause disease, and pesticides don’t stay in one place. They can be blown into the air by the wind, penetrate the soil, and finally flow into the river with the rain.

According to the article “Chemical Pesticides and Human Health” in the frontier of public health, the washing and stripping food does not completely remove residues. That means our food, air, and water are polluted. In other words, pesticides will affect humans.

Vegetable harmful insects

Anti insect net is a safer choice, which can guide the transition of agriculture to a non-toxic pesticide world.


Anti insect net protects but is not limited to the following plants.

Vegetables (i.e. Peppers)
Fruit Trees (i.e. Grape and Pomegranate)
Plant Trees
insect barrier net protect nurseries

Anti insect net is very effective against the following infamous insects.

Carrot Fly
Cabbage Root Fly
Bemisia tabaci
Tuta Absoluta
Fruit Flies (Mediterranean and fig fruit fly)
Grape Moth
Pomegranate Fruit Butterfly
against insect net for plant farm

Anti insect net is commonly used in the following structures.

Shade House
Walk-in tunnels
Orchards(i.e. Vineyards)
Plant Farm
Fruit trees insect barrier

Selection Guides

The type of insect mesh is chosen based on the crop you are growing and its general natural enemies in your area. The body of the insect determines the size of the insect mesh. The type of insect netting is based on the number of meshes per inch. Support for customizing the mesh bags into different sizes to meet different needs, for fruit and fruit tree protection. Please check the following types of insect mesh according to the weaving density.

User Experience in use our insect net

This fruit-proof net is used for orchards and vineyards to provide maximum possible airflow. It’s ideal for protection against harmful insects like fruit flies, moths, and fruit butterflies, which is very valuable for protected fruits. The 17 mesh insect net is popular with apple and grape growers in Israel.

It’s used to protect vegetables and fruit trees against Mediterranean fruit flies, and tomato moths. Farmers commonly sew a zipper design to the opening of the greenhouse, in case any pests get in. It’s blocking dried fruit beetles and spider mites on fig growers from Israel.

It keeps leaf miner flies, aphids, thrips, and even more insects from vegetables. To gain more ventilation of air, 40 mesh nets can be used as an alternative to 50 mesh nets against whiteflies (partial). The 40 mesh insect net is popular with pepper growers from Spanish and Mexican.

It protects the crop against whitefly, leaf miner, aphids, thrips, and more insects. Blocking these insects into the insect house can stop prevents the spread of diseases and bring with it a harvest. The 50 mesh insect net is popular with tomato growers in Israel, Mexico, Chile, and many other countries and regions.

Anti insect netting, also known as thrips netting significantly reduces or eliminates, the use of chemical pesticides and is great for organic growing. And most of all it eliminates the idea of using chemicals to control insects.


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