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Motorcycle side box inner elastic net is an excellent motorcycle accessory that is used on the inside of the side or rear aluminum box lid of a motorcycle.

Material: Elasticated Polyester Fibers
Color: Black
Type: Woven Mesh
Size: 375mmx250mm or custimized

Multi-purpose Elastic Net

Pnbos is the manufacturer of the multi-purpose elastic net, a highly flexible woven elastic net designed to be used to mount on the inner lid of a motorcycle side box, by hooking up to the attachment points on the lid to store and organize the interior space of the aluminum box.


  • Powerful Elasticity. Stretch ratio up to 1:1.8
  • Elastic Fabric Wrapped Edge. The black hemming fabric with strong elasticity is sewn with high-strength elastic thread and elastic mesh, and every detail is full of surprises.
  • Easy to Install. Just gently attach the four corners of the stretch net to the hooks on the inside of the aluminum box top.
  • Flexible Storage Space. Powerful storage and organization to find a better place for your documents, shoes, raincoat or folded backpack and other items.
  • Quality Motorcycle Parts Directly From The Manufacturer. Pnbos is the gold medal supplier of elastic mesh for the motorcycle and auto parts industry.
Motorcycle Side Cases Net

More Details

Item No. Type Material Fit Size (inch) Fit Size (cm) Color
PN-MN3416S Woven Mesh Elasticated Polyester Fibers 13.4″ x 6.3″ 34 x 16 Black
PN-MN3426L Woven Mesh Elasticated Polyester Fibers 13.4″ x 11.2″ 34 x 26 Black


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