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Tomb Sweeping Day remind people to visit and care for the tombs of family or friends, and in recent years even beloved pets.

What is Qingming Festival?

On the April 5th of each year in the solar calendar, people in this special day to remember the dead In China, and this day is known as Chinese Qingming Festival.


In this festival, Chinese people will visit the tombs of the dead and clean them. Food, wine and tea are offered to show respect for the dead. Those who visit, young and old, kneel down and pray. They will discuss the stories of the dead’s life and tell the dead something about them.

Pnbos Notice of Qingming Festival

Dear Clients and Associates,

The Pnbos plant and head office will be closed from April 3, 2022 to April 5, 2022 due to the Chinese traditional Tomb-sweeping holidays.

We’ll only back to your enquiry on April 5, 2022, for any urgent matter, please contact with us by email [email protected]. Email responses from trade sales department usually less than 12 hours.

Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,

Pnbos EPT



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