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Pnbos best garden windbreak screen is a type of netting protects nurseries, farmland, allotments and livestocks from strong winds.

Net weight: 55-300 gram weight per square meters.
Net width: 1m ~ 8m
Rolls Lengths: 25~200m
Shade rate: 30%-95%
Colors: Green,Dark green ,Blue and orange or by requirements.
Material: HDPE, PE(polyethylene), polyester
Using life: 3-5years(virgin) 1-2years(recycle)
Type: Warp knitted
Delivery time: 10-35days after deposit
Export market: South America,Japan, the Middle East ,Europe , markets.
Packing: Rolls on cardboard tubes & wrapped in plastic with color label (or any customized)

What is windbreak material?

Windbreak material is typically a netting or fabric that is used to reduce wind speeds and protect crops or animals. It can also be used for decorative purposes in gardens or other outdoor spaces. Windbreak material is usually made of a durable HDPE material that can withstand high winds and harsh weather conditions.

Windbreak fencing for gardens - before
Windbreak fencing for gardens - before
windbreak fencing for gardens - after
Windbreak fencing for gardens - after

Windbreaks are materials placed in strategic locations to reduce wind speeds and protect crops or animals. Windbreaks can also be decorative, such as when used in gardens. By strategically placing windbreaks, farmers and gardeners can reduce the amount of soil erosion caused by winds, and significantly improve crop yields. At animal husbandry facilities, strategically placed windbreaks can provide much-needed shelter for livestock from harsh weather conditions. When selecting a windbreak material, it is important to consider the needs of the specific application.

How does windbreak fence work?

The wind can be damaging, and even more so if it has no holes to pass through. Our wall or fence is made with a lightweight plastic mesh that breaks up the force of impact as soon as it hits them; this way you’re not only protected from any harmful effects but also helped by our product!

Windbreak fencing mesh
Windbreak fencing mesh
Windbreak netting
Windbreak netting


There are numerous windbreak netting applications, the most popular ones being in nurseries, farmland and for livestock protection. Allotments and gardeners also use windbreaks to protect their plants, crops and gardens from strong winds. In summary, a windbreak is any obstacle that breaks the flow of air, especially when used to protect an area from the wind.

Protect your crops from the wind with our windbreak fabric!

Our windbreak fabric is made with UV stabilized PP tape yarn and mono filament yarn, making it a robust windbreak. It’s perfect for establishing young trees on farm properties, Garden, boundary fences, residential home, patio fence and other applications.

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Our windbreak fabric is available in green or black, so you can choose the color that best suits your needs. It’s also a short term solution, lasting 3-5 years.

Purchase our windbreak fabric today!


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