Poly Woven Tree Tie | Trees and Shrubs Straight Growth Support 3m/pk

1-pk, 2-pk, 3-pk or per order
Training and staking shrubs & trees’ poly woven tie
Smooth, soft and gentle on the bark of the tree
Cut to the use length
UV Stabilised
Weather resistant
Air, light and water through

Tree Ties

Poly Woven Tree Ties is a kind of woven poly tape, which is made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), and it is same process as the usual bird netting and shade netting.

Poly Woven Tree Ties supports and trains branches, vines and orchard vegetables. It is easy to use. Just fix the Poly Woven Tree Tie at breast height on the main stem of the tree or bush you want to support, then stretch it out to the required length and tie it off. It will give your plants the support they need without damaging them.

Poly Woven Tree Ties is an essential tool for any gardener who wants to ensure their plants grow healthy and strong.

Poly Woven Tree Ties


Top-heavy plant trees can be very dangerous. They may lean or be blown over in high winds due to their own weight, so it’s important that they’re supported until the branches have time grow stronger again before fruit production begins!

Stock No.WidthLengthMaterialColorPackage
PN-PT30313 cm3 MHDPEBlack,Dark   Green1 pk
PN-PT30323 cm3 MHDPEBlack,Dark   Green2 pk
PN-PT30333 cm3 MHDPEBlack,Dark Green3 pk
PN-PT30353 cm3 MHDPEBlack,Dark Green5 pk
tree tie
  • The best way to add some color and life into your garden is by using our poly woven tree tie! This incredible green tree tie is bound to blend in with your garden’s decor!

  • This product comes in rolls, so it’s easy for you unroll them when needed. Cut the desired length with scissors then cut as much off from each end before tying a simple knot at either end of said piece(es).

  • Tender loving care for your plants! Our ties have the right width (upto 30mm) especially made to gently support shrubs like currants or raspberries, bundled up plant trees in garden and new growth on young saplings. Avoid rubbing as this could make him sick. The most import is woven tree ties that are breathable will allow the tree to “breathe” and will not damage the bark.

Tree ties are generally used to support young trees during their establishment phase. Tree ties come in different shapes and sizes depending on the diameter of the tree they will be supporting. Tree ties are made from different materials, with plastic being a popular choice.

Plastic tree ties are usually made from woven polyethylene, which is a strong and durable material. Another benefit of plastic tree ties is that they are breathable, which means that they allow air and moisture to pass through them. This is important for the health of the tree as it helps to prevent the bark from rotting. Tree ties also have a woven structure, which helps to distribute the load evenly. This prevents the tree from being damaged by the pressure of the tie.

Overall, plastic tree ties are a strong and durable option for supporting young trees.

poly tree ties-tuya


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