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Poly woven shrubs ties is used for tying branches and fixing trees.

– UV Stabilised
– Smooth, soft and gentle on the bark of the tree and Shrubs
– Let air, light and water through
– Reinforced at the edges, the tree tie is tear-resistant and weatherproof.

Poly Woven Shrubs Tie

Pnbos plastic plant ties is a woven poly tape, which is made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), and it is same process as the usual bird netting and shade netting. It plays an important role in supporting and training branches, vines and orchard vegetables.

woven poly ties

UV stabilisers and anti-ageing agents are added to the raw material for greater durability. It’s tear-resistant, weatherproof and low stretch.


If your new plant tree is top-heavy, prone to leaning or weak enough to be blown over by the wind, then it should be supported property. Until he is strong enough to support his own weight, the branches of these shrubs will otherwise be crushed to the ground by the weight of the fruit.

- Gentle support

Our ties have the right width (upto 30mm) especially for gentle shrubs (such as currants or raspberries), bundled plants and new plant trees in the garden. The tender bark of young trees will not be damaged by the wide contact surface. Try to avoid rubbing, as this can make him sick.

- Easy to use

It comes in rolls, so it’s easy to unroll. Cut the desired length with scissors, cutting as you go, and reuse. Cut to the right length and tie. Ties and secures easily and quickly, with a good knotting effect.

- Good decoration for gardening

It is an unobtrusive green color that blends more easily into most nursery pots, gardens, botanical gardens. Whether at home or in the office, it looks natural.

Are you still trying natural fibres to bind trees (shrubs, roses, tomatoes, amber trees, apricot trees, apple trees)? They can easily become rotten, loose and unsightly in the face of autumn storms.
support plant ties

-Compared to vinyl tie tape, our gentle ties woven design allows air to pass through so no moisture collects underneath.

-Compared to twist wire ties, our soft ties is wider and will not rub against trees. It can resist strong winds, and is not affected by the weather. It can be well protected in rainy and snowy weather.

More importantly, poly woven scrub tie is more competitive in price.


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