Heavy Duty Bird Netting | PP Extruded Bird Control Nets Manufacture

Pnbos is a manufacture of heavy duty bird netting, we export our PP extruded Bird Control Nets to North American and Europe over 5 years.

Material: PP (Polypropylene)
Size: 7′ x 65′, 7.5′ x 65′, 7′ x 100′, 13′ x 13′, 13′ x 33′, 13′ x 50′
Weight: 25g/m2, 30g/m2, 35g/m2, 50g/m2, 75g/m2
Mesh Size: 0.3″ x 0.3″, 0.6″ x 0.6″, 0.8″ x 0.8″
UV Resistant: Over 5 years

No matter what crop you plant, there is always a flock of birds staring at the fruits of your labor. Birds are part of the ecology, and it is also a friend of human beings.

Seeking food bird

Pnbos heavy duty bird netting is ideal for garden fence and widely used as protective cover for outdoor fruit trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, trellis and vegetables, keeping birds and animals away from the fruits of your labor.

Heavy Duty Bird Netting for Garden

Protect your fruits and crops.

Heavy Duty Anti Bird Netting- Pnbos

Designed for your plant

No tangle trouble and reusable for long term protection

25 - 75g/m2 High Stretch

for better stretching

Bird Netting Deer Control- Pnbos
0.3" - 0.8" Fine Mesh

helps prevent external damage

Bird Netting Commercial Buildings- Pnbos

Specification Sheet

Stock NumberMaterialNet Size (ft)Mesh Size (inch)Weight (grams/sqm)Color
PN-HDBN0765PP (Polypropylene)7′ x 65′0.6″, 0.75″, 1″25g/m2, 30g/m2Black
PN-HDBN7565PP (Polypropylene)7.5′ x 65′0.6″, 0.75″, 1″25g/m2, 30g/m2, 35g/m2Black
PN-HDBN7100PP (Polypropylene)7′ x 100′0.75″, 1″25g/m2, 30g/m2, 35g/m2, 50g/m2, 75g/m2Black
PN-HDBN1313PP (Polypropylene)13′ x 13′0.6″, 0.75″, 1″25g/m2, 30g/m2Black
PN-HDBN1333PP (Polypropylene)13′ x 33′0.6″, 0.75″, 1″25g/m2, 35g/m2Black
PN-HDBN1350PP (Polypropylene)13′ x 50′0.6″, 0.75″, 1″25g/m2, 30g/m2, 35g/m2, 50g/m2Black


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