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Deer block netting is fence protection of crops or private areas from deer intrusion. By fencing deer out protecting your shrubs or gardens. Besides, we also provide a heavy-duty poly netting solutions in stock.

  • Material: 100% virgin HDPE material with UV
  • Width: 1-6m
  • Length: Usually 1-100m
  • Color: black, white
  • Package: Normally one piece fold into a PE bag, then several pieces compressed by PP bag

Why Deer Block Netting

Deer block netting is fence protection of crops or private areas from deer intrusion. Sometimes it is also used for dog fences and keeps other pests out, such as acting as a bird trap net.

It differs greatly from fencing domestic livestock. Deer are large animals and a high breaking load is a necessity, otherwise the plastic fence breaks.

Wild-grown deer carry deer ticks, which will make you and your pets more susceptible to Lyme disease, when he breaks into your property borders. It will therefore be important to keep deer from crossing your flower beds, plants and garden.

About Our Best PVC Deer Mesh

Our polypropylene deer mesh is up to 8 feet tall, which is the perfect height for a barrier-style deer fence. Since 8 feet tall is the jumping height limit for an adult deer.

It’s durability, UV-protected, high breaking load, and nearly invisible made it more and more popular for all gardeners and landscapers. It’s relatively cheap in comparison with metal wire electric fence designs. 

By fencing deer out protecting your shrubs, gardens, and decorative plants. Meanwhile, the virtually invisible characteristics blend well into the landscape.

Pnbos plastic deer netting is made from UV stabilized polypropylene mesh, which make it having long service life. We supply all wholesalers worldwide as a factory in China with over 10 years of experience. And reputation among landscape experts and homeowners. It comes with black and white color normally. We also offer heavy duty deer netting that can also be used for bark protection.


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