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Anti-crow Netting (カラスネット) For Japanese Garbage Bags

  • Material 100% Virgin Polyethylene
  • Mesh: approx. 4mm square
  • Size: 1.0 × 1.0m, 1.5m x 1.5m, 2m x 2m, 2m x 3m, 3m x 3m, 3m x4m
  • Specifications: UV coated with lead chain rope
  • Lead chain rope: approx. 65g / m
  • Net weight: approx. 65g / m2
  • Color: Yellow, Blue

Why Crow Nets

Anti crow nets is a plastic woven mesh netting, which used for protect garbage bags from crow pecking.

Crows are omnivores and have a very wide range of food sources, including animals and plants. And they have a good memory and learning ability, remembering clearly where they have eaten.
They usually build their nests in March and April, warm their eggs and chicks in April and May, and care for their young from May to July.

Garbage bags with food in them are a delicacy in the eyes of crows. They will peck open the garbage bags and look for food inside, which makes everything less elegant and accompanies the problem of odor. Their clever brains will also remember the location.


A simple anti-crow net can easily defeat all of this. Place a garbage bag underneath the crow net and surround it with a heavy object (such as a bottle filled with water).

The mesh is usually 4mm square, which also protects the crows’ beaks from damage.

Pnbos Crow Netting

【Protect the garbage from birds】Raven repellent garbage net can hold about 1-20 45L garbage bags depending on the size, with metal fittings, can be installed on wire mesh to repel crows and prevent crows, can be used in refuse collection points, garbage dumps for covering garbage bags on garbage collection day

【Resist strong wind】The net is designed to resist strong wind. The net is surrounded by a lead weighted rope to protect the net from strong winds and attacks from dogs, cats and crows. You can fix the net to wire mesh or iron pipe, there is no need to worry about the net being blown away by strong winds.

【Strong and durable】 Yellow nets are hard to be seen by crows. The sturdy material of polyethylene is very durable and the fine 4mm net prevents crows from attacking with their beaks.

Others Bird Barrier Solutions

Crow nets is popular used in Japan. Japanese birds are exceptionally diverse and numerous, crows have a special place in Japanese culture, and the relatively high population density leads to an abundance of litter, which provides abundant food for crows, and these have led to a surge in their numbers.

Besides, Pnbos also provide more bird barrier solutions, such as anti-bird net, bird trap net and so on.


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