Tubular Elastic Netting

What is tubular elastic netting?

Tubular elastic netting is a type of fabric that can be stretched to fit around an object and then released. The name comes from the shape it often possesses, which looks like a tube.

The circular knitting machines use needles to process various raw materials and varieties of yarn into seamless tubular nets. The knitted tubular netting is soft, has good wrinkle resistance and air permeability with great extensibility or elasticity.

Tubular mesh is a very common material used in the medical and textile industries. It’s elasticity allows it to be comfortable, which makes wearing this type of bandage more appealing as compared with other materials that might not provide such ventilation and keep uniform pressure on skin surfaces. In addition, the tubular net is also used in the erosion control industry as a cladding material for filter media (silt sock) or drainage pipes.

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