Mist Net

Mist Net is a plastic netting used for the humane, live capture of small birds and bats. Sometimes we need to capture and relocate birds and bats from malls, large warehouses, stores, etc. The process of mist netting involves hanging the netting in an area where the animals are active, and then waiting for them to fly into the net. Once they are in the net, they can be safely removed and relocated. Mist Net is an effective way to catch birds and bats without harming them, and it is often used by wildlife biologists and other experts.

The key to using mist nets is proper installation and around-the clock attention. Qualified personnel must always be present, quickly untangle or release any birds/bats caught within them so they can continue living their lives as normal – without fear of getting tangled again!also any trapped animals will die if not released quickly enough!

The best trapping equipment won’t always guarantee success. Bird and animal trapping is an art as much science, you might not catch anything even with the most effective tools in existence! The key to being successful at it takes careful planning-a knowledge of your target species’ habitat preferences along side some clever bait placement can make all those hours spent waiting worthwhile though.

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