Insect Net

Insect Netting is specially plain woven or knitted plant mesh to protect the crops from insect, bee and so on, even after violent hailstorms. The use of different materials can be divided into two categories: textile fabrics and chemical fiber fabrics.

Cicada netting is mainly used in agriculture for the protection of vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees against insects. The netting provides an effective barrier against all flying insects such as aphids, whiteflys, cicadas etc., but also against many crawling insects such as thrips and leaf miners. Cicada netting is made of high-strength polyethylene raw materials, UV treated, knotless, tearing resistant and Mesh size: 17 mesh, 25 mesh, 40 mesh and 50 mesh holes/sq.inch.

Whatever type of insect netting you choose, be sure to install it properly to ensure that it will be effective in keeping pests out of your garden.

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