Agriculture Net

Pnbos is a Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters Agriculture Net from changzhou china. Our Agriculture Net are being used in following applications:

Sun Shade Provide
– Overhead Barrier
– Fruit Tree Protection
Deer Blocking
Anti Insect
Anti Bird
Premium bird netting
– Vineyard Protection
Hail Damage Protection
– Bee Eaten Protection
– Tree Bag
– Plant Cover

We manufacture Agriculture Net using virgin polyethylene materials. Agriculture Net provide complete protection to plants kept inside the shade and help in preventing plants from harsh weather conditions.

Polyethylene made agriculture netting is the most reliable solutions for crop protection. It’s play a key role of greenhouses, nurseries and garden.

Advantages of using polyethylene materials:

Long lifespan – It’s longer than any of the other materials used for netting;
Rot-resistance – It’s long-last on rot;
Low Shrinkage – It’s no expansion, and will not affected by humidity;
Light Weight – It’s lighter than nylon or polyester;
Low Specific Gravity – It can floats on water;
UV Resistent – It’s injected UV againest material before extrusion of the filaments. While nylon or polyester is UV coated after manufacturing, which is the first thing to wear off, exposing the netting to UV rays. Nylon will break down quickly and will expand and contract with the changes in humidity.

Agricultural Netting is the most effective method to protect from bird predation, insects, or hail damage. and also result in a huge return on your investment.

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