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The Mole at Tunnel Entrances
How to protect your lawn against moles humanely? Why worry about it if you can plan ahead to prevent it?

1. About Moles

The mole is widespread all over the world.

His cartoonish image makes people think he’s cute, but in reality he’s a destroyer of your landscape and lawn.

cartoonish moles animal

1.1 Where do moles live?

Moles spend almost all of their lives underground, where they design elaborate tunnel systems to collect worms and insect larvae (ie. earthworms, grubs and centipedes).

1.2 Are moles blind?

Moles are not blind, they have eyes, only their eyesight is poor. But moles have a well-developed sense of touch, hearing and smell, which plays a role in sensing danger and detecting food.

1.3 How long do moles live?

The average lifespan is three years. Moles live a solitary life, leaving their parents’ home when they are about 1 month old to establish their own tunnel system and living alone from then on. Only when breeding do they develop some socialisation.

1.4 Are moles dangerous?

Moles are destroyers of landscapes and lawns, but at the same time they can be beneficial. Their tunnel system plays a huge role in eliminating soil pests and keeping the soil aerated. Its presence, however, does not cause direct harm to human life and health.

1.5 Molehills

However, moles do not eat the roots of plants and trees. However, when moles make tunnels, they can harm the grass on the surface. The soil is moved from the tunnel to the ground by the moles, which then forms a distinct molehill at the entrance. This may be the most unbearable scene for you, but it is the fruit of the mole’s labour.

Learn how to get rid of moles is the only way to rescue your outdoor space.

2. Common methods of getting rid of moles

2.1 Mole Trap

It’s a cruel method of killing moles. The mole trap is installed above the mole tunnel and when the mole passes the device springs and two powerful scissors instantly kill the mole in an extremely cruel way. In some countries and regions, the mole is a protected animal, and killing it is punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

Pros: Easy to install and chemical-free;

Disadvantages: Threatening to ground dog and children, if not done properly you may get nothing, cruel method.

2.2 Ultrasonic Mole Repeller

Ultrasonic repellents use the moles’ hearing frequencies to create an ultrasonic noise that makes them feel uncomfortable and unsettled so that they will move out over time.

However, those who have used it have had mixed feelings about its effectiveness.

Browse reviews of the Ultrasonic mole Repeller

Browse reviews of the most highly rated ultrasonic mole repeller on Amazon. Many wrote positive comments like “Good”, “Works fast”, “Easy”, etc., but many others wrote things like “It didn’t work at all “, “It simply made fun of me by putting new holes near the repeller”, “It only makes humans feel bad, not moles” and other negative comments.

And the manufacturer writes in their description that moles will be more energetic than before when first been used, due to restlessness and agitation. From experience it takes about 2 to 3 weeks before they make up their minds to move away from this place.

That means you have to wait 3 weeks before any guesses. Then you’ll be stuck with the fact that “Am I didn’t put it in the right place, or that the frequency is set incorrectly?” Yet the one-month no-excuse return period is closed. After the return period, the only way out is write a bad review on Amazon. That looks like an IQ tax.

The effectiveness of ultrasonic mole repellents is most like metaphysics, no one knows if it works or not.

2.3 Anti Mole Netting

This is one of the most effective and long-lasting methods, it has proven to block any inappropriate activity of moles in your landscaped area at the source.

2.3.1 Horizontal Mole Barriers

lay a horizontal layer of mole rolls

Pre-lay a horizontal layer of mole rolls on your lawn just before you sow the grass seed. The anti moles netting will not hinder the growth of the grass but will make it impossible for moles to dig through. You only need to refer to the following step-by-step tips to create a permanent physical barrier.

Step By Step Guide of lay anti moles netting

Step 1
Lay the anti moles rolls horizontally before laying or sewing your new lawn;
Overlap the new rolls(approx. 4 inches);
Connect the rows with soil anchors or pins placed approximately 6-8 feet apart.

Plastic peg to pin the Anti mole net

Step 2
Place a 3-4 inch deep layer of soil and grass seed on top. With existing lawns it is necessary to gradually remove top layer of lawn and place it back on top of a net;

Step 3
Enjoy your perfect molehills free garden!

2.3.2 Vertical Mole Barriers

Vertical mole barriers are placed around areas that need protection, such as properties and vegetable gardens. Moles generally tunnel about 40-60cm into the ground, so vertical mole barriers only need to be buried 50-100cm into the ground.

Pros: The most important thing is that it helps people to live peacefully with moles, and a single effort can secure the future for decades;
Disadvantages: The construction process is relatively cumbersome and more costly than other methods.

3. Restore your lawn and garden

Moles are regarded as a harmful animal, but they are not monsters. They have as much right to live as you and me. I respect all life, no matter how small or insignificant.

It’s the most reliable way to lay mole-proof netting on your lawns, organic farms, nurseries, and ball fields. Mole-proof netting does not corrode like metal mesh due to its material properties. Its strong rot-proof and chemical inertness will provide long-lasting security for your ground landscape. Let the mole, a free laborer, help you to clear the underground pests while supporting the air-water circulation of the plant roots. Most importantly, the mole-proof netting contributes to the terrestrial balance and respects moles as it deserves.



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