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Every year when the blueberries are ripe, some of the fruits are destroyed by birds. Now I use this bird net, the effect is very obvious...
I planted about 30 acres of blueberries, and every year when the blueberries are ripe, some of the fruits are destroyed by birds.
Then I used this sonar device to repel birds, at first it worked better, but slowly the birds became accustomed to the sound and became less and less afraid.

Now I use this bird net, the effect is very obvious, the middle with the column support up, the cost is not high, the most important thing is that my blueberries this year, not a bird damage.

Do you know what poses the biggest threat to the blueberry when it's ripe?

Most farmers think it’s pests and diseases, or the effects of bad weather. But in fact, this is not correct, blueberry fruit ripening time, the biggest danger to him is the birds. There are many ways to prevent birds, next I will introduce you one by one.

1. Bird repellent reflective tape

Bird Repellent Tape Reflective
This kind of bird repellent tape with reflective effect is tied to the fruit tree, and because of its own light weight, a little wind makes him float lightly. It produces a dazzling light in the sunlight, so that birds are afraid to approach. Its advantage is the low cost, a roll of reflective tape is cheap, a few rolls can cover the entire orchard. The disadvantage is also obvious, the effect is not good in cloudy days. Another point is that there are some smart birds who may adapt to it for a few days and then stop being afraid.

2. Bird Repellent Reflective Windmill

Bird Repellent Reflective Windmill
Bird Repeller Pinwheels Reflective
This bird repellent reflective windmill, the principle is similar to the bird repellent reflective tape, but the original shape of the tape into a more specific windmill. Many windmills by a long solid line through the middle. This bird repellent method, the installation method is relatively simple, but the effect is not very different from the bird repellent reflective tape.

3. Covering bird-proof nets

Bird-proof netting is the most reliable way to prevent blueberries from being stolen by birds. Cover all fruit tree areas with bird-proof netting so as not to give birds any chance to approach. Bird-proof netting is a plastic woven fabric that has no obstruction to air, bees, and rain due to its square/rhombus-shaped holes. Therefore, it is the best choice. Usually, anti-aging and anti-UV chemicals are added to the raw material before it is woven, which ensures its durability. When not in use, try to tidy it up and place it in a shady place, usually this can be reused for 3-5 years.



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