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Bale net wrap
The use of straw and forage baling machine with bale net is the development direction of modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Ranch Demand

Modern Ranch
Modern Ranch

Animal husbandry did not stagnate because of covid-19, but showed continuous expansion. The scale of pasture is increasing, which correspondingly increases the demand for forage. In order to develop better, forage planting enterprises must upgrade their forage production and processing equipment, and make production more automatic and intelligent.

Straw Burning

After the harvest season every year, the air is filled with the smell of plant ash. Farmers have made their simplest choice to deal with crop residues. However, burning straw wastes resources and pollutes the atmosphere. For the airports around the town, it will even affect the take-off and landing of aircraft. However, farmers began to make changes this fall – introducing advanced straw balers with bales. The cleaned straw is recycled and processed into silage or biofuel.

About Bale Net

The bale net is made of high-density polyethylene, after drawing, weaving, and rolling into a rolled net. Usually it is white or transparent in color, and has marker lines on the mesh. The width of the net is 1-1.7 meters. It comes in rolls, each roll is 2000-3600 meters long and can be customized upon request.

bale net wrap rolling the net
bale net wrap rolling the net
bale net wrap weaving
bale net wrap weaving

Bale net also known as forage baling net, pasture net, etc. It can be used to bale not only pasture, but also straw and rice straw. Using straw bale net not only solves the problem of loading and transporting straw, but also reduces the air pollution caused by burning straw and the waste of resources. These will play an important role in environmental and ecological balance.

Use of Bale Net

The ranch staff use the nail rake to stack the straw into neat rows. Subsequently, the straw baler drove over the top, and then it became a round bale in few seconds. A bale only needs to be baled 2-3 rounds, the bale net will be firmly wrapped in the grass. Farmers says that the two machines can be collected straw in less than half a day, which is the 2 days workload manual in past. It‘s said that the use of the bale net has greatly improved the efficiency.

What can the bales be used for? These recovered straw has two main uses, one for silage to feed cattle and sheep, and another is the production of clean and efficient biomass pellet fuel.


With the gradual increase in people’s awareness of environmental protection, the industrial use of straw getting more and more attentions. The spread of technologies such as biomass power generation and straw weaving, which can achieve both good economic benefits and environmental protection. The combined use of straw feed baler and baling net is the development direction of modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry.



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