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Welcome to Pnbos Netting.

Pnbos is an organisation engaged in the business of designing and development of High tech Nurseries, Green Houses, Agricultural Net, Construction Net, Sport Net, Fish Net, Car Net and Industrial Net in China on substantial scale. We are dedicated to innovate, develop and implement best practices in technology to enhance output, improve social conditions, and reduce the burden on our strained eco-system!

Our Vision

Our vision is to be World's leading green net manufacturer in terms of product quality and client satisfaction. Our vision is aided by our drive to constantly innovate and develop green net using industry leading technology.

Our Mission

The fundamental mission of our Company is to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing products on a timely basis that have value added characteristics that the end consumer demands.

We Focus On Netting

Core Values

To provide Global Quality
To deliver Customer Satisfaction
To preserve environment by providing eco-friendly recycled green net